Posted by Kira Johnson 05/November/2020

We here at Platform have decided to do a new challenge with all those in the building and those isolating. We have decided to name it BUBBLE OFF. 

The idea of bubble off is to include everyone in the Platform family to partake in activities. They can compete in their bubble or for those isolating on their own they can do it independent from what bubble they would be in (mainly because they may be unaware due to still isolating).

Each month there will be a different activity to do with a different theme.

Novembers theme is - the Great Platform Bake off- with all bubbles baking a delicious dessert - results will be announced on the 16th Nov. 

Decembers theme is - Christmas orientated ... check back for more details by the end of November

                                                                                                      Lots of Love From the Platform Staff