Grand Prize for bubble off

Posted by Kira Johnson 20/November/2020

So its that time when we get to announce the amazing prize that could be won by the bubbles taking part in bubble off. There are lots of little prizes along the way but the main prize is a wonderful treat to show how much we appreciate everyone taking part.

To ensure its a fair opportunity for all we have decided to give raffle tickets to all those who took part with 1st place gaining - 5 tickets , 2nd place getting- 4, 3rd place getting 3 tickets, 4th place getting 2 tickets and 5th place getting 1 ticket.

So here it is the moment you've all been waiting for ....

.....the grand reveal ............

Well I can tell you that ......... The grand prize is a trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park for the whole bubble (when all able to go) but that's not it... they also get to have a Platform hoodie in a colour of their choice.

So please stay tuned to see who is wining the individual challenges and getting the most tickets and keep voting on your favourites through the Facebook page.

Thank you for your continued support.