Ian’s sponsor walk over Humber Bridge

Posted by Sophie 11/November/2019

On a cold and frosty morning on Saturday the 9th of November Ian our fabulous volunteer embarked on a sponsored walk across the Humber Bridge and members of the platform family joined him in his effort. The walk was done with the intention of raising funds for Platform to get an accessible cinema. The idea was created by Ian who feels it’s a cause close to home because he understands that cinemas are not always disability friendly. Ian has cerebral palsy and has volunteered much of his time, to helping others, most recently joining Platform. Ian is a key part of the Platform family and always has a smile on his face, he is always willing to help the staff and wants to ensure clients have the best day. Ian is a cheeky man who loves to have a laugh and a joke. The walk was very long and tiring especially in the cold weather but everyone was wrapped up warm and were in good spirits, all there to cheer and support Ian. Once the walk began we all talked and laughed to keep our spirits high and soon we were almost finished. When the walk was over everyone hugged and congratulated Ian, all of us feeling proud of what he has done for us