Lockdown activity bag 1

Posted by Sarah Turner 30/March/2020

We may not be able to do activities together at the moment, but we can still keep you all entertained while you are all staying safe
Our Platform staff were met by some big smiles happy to receive their bags and to see a familiar face when doing their doorstep, safe distance drop offs.

We may not be able to be together right now but we are still entertaining our service users by sending pen pal letters from all the staff, and delivering bags that are packed with fun activities for all our service users to do at home whilst they are staying safe during lockdown.  

The smiling faces that received them speak for themselves, and staff have been busy shopping, researching, printing, packing and delivering all of the activities bags and this was done whist adhering to strict infection control guide lines because we want all of our Platform family to be safe. #stayhomestaysafe #Platformfamily