March Bubble Off

Posted by Kira 15/March/2021

So I'm happy to announce that ...... are you ready for it??? ....... the next bubble off challenge is The Best Grass head.

We've left it completely up to our clients about how they are be designed and decorated. We're full of excitement waiting to see these amazing creations and we're sure you are too. Our bubbles will be working hard I'm sure to create something different and unique and are just as excited to see what others think of them. 

The same rules apply, each entry will be posted with anonymity so no-one can have an advantage and its up to you guys to vote on your favourite. In case you've forgotten how to vote let me remind you... log onto our Facebook page and see the post with all the entries and like the picture of the one you like the best and of course if you like them all well feel free to vote on them (trust us you'll like more than one)

The entries will be posted soon so please keep an eye out and of course please vote to show our bubbles how good you think they've done.

Thank you

Everyone at Platform