My Experience at Platform

Posted by Sophie 11/November/2019

Platform Provision is a day-care centre for those who are vulnerable and seriously disabled and cannot access an able-bodied day centre or a normal college due to their complex needs. Platform Provision can provide trained support workers who have the appropriate training to care for the clients who have multiple needs. Platform has brilliant facilities which allow its service users to take part in all activities for example they often use a swimming pool which is on-site and has the right equipment to transfer the clients.

My name is Sophie and I am a Platform Provision service user, I first started in 2018 and I was very shy with no self-confidence or belief in myself. I didn’t like to go out or talk to others because I felt alone, I didn’t realise how much people wanted to know me or spend time with me. That all changed when I started at Platform, the staff were so welcoming and caring, they gave me the time I needed to settle in and provided me with the tools and skills to build my self-confidence/belief in myself. I can now go into the local community and interact with all those involved such as talking and giving money to the till staff at the shop. By being able to visit the community my confidence has grown extensively and has allowed me to work on other skills relevant to my independent lifestyle, such as money management and helping other service users.

  What I like about Platform Provision is that we often visit the community and do different activities, we do crafts to celebrate different events and we often go to East Park, bowling and have meals out. This has allowed me and other clients to build better relations with other users, the staff and the public. Another reason I like Platform Provision is that I like the staff because they are friendly and welcoming, their attitude to work and clients has created a family everybody is part of. In addition to this, I am aware of who the trustees are and often greet them when they arrive, although I don’t see them every day I know they are a part of this family too, which means they care for me and if I have any issues I can also go to them for help. This means I look forward to coming to Platform every day.