October adventures for bubble 1

Posted by Kira Johnson 31/October/2020

Our first bubble have enjoyed a variety of trips into the community, which has not only helped to promote inclusion but also has helped hone their skills in interaction with others, their independent life skills and making memories. 

They have visited a vast variety of places including but not limited to ... Coletta and Tyson Garden center, Bridlington, Costa, West bulls, walks to see the horses, bowling, Endike cafe, Kingswood, Newland avenue and many many more places 

Inside of platform bubble 1 have baked, done some craft activities in preparation for halloween, carved pumpkins, done some relaxation activities, built things out of lego, become fitness instructors teaching staff how to correctly stretch and if they did it wrong then making them redo it and finally teaching staff how to play games on the Ipad that they had otherwise never played before.