Outreach visits, adapting to the new normal

Posted by Sarah Turner 05/August/2020

In a time when the world is adjusting to the new normal the staff and service users of Platform have been enjoying the new normal.

Our day centre might of been closed for a while now due to COVID-19, but as we know how important it is to our service users and families that we continue to support them where we can, this has included doing shopping calls for those who are shielding, providing home visits where staff have been doing activities with service users so that mum/dad, can get on with some jobs at home, have 5minutes peace  or join in the fun (though this could be just to check the glitter didn't make an appearance haha) .

Along side this we have also been picking up some of our service users and taking them out for a few hours for some much needed fresh air, lots of long walks and even more giggles. we have been to the beach, on country and woodland walks and to lots of other beautiful open spaces.

Our service users may not be able to see their friend just yet, but our staff have kept them entertained as you can see in the photo's, and I know I can speak for all the staff and service users when I say we have enjoyed every minute of each day.

Keep safe and keep smiling.

The Platform staff xx