Shielding Clients

Posted by Kira 17/February/2021

The clients who are still at home and shielding are still getting to take part in being part of the Platform family by doing the activities in the care packages and posting on our Facebook to keep us all updated on their adventures and how they are during this time. They've even seen their friends by receiving visits from clients on community visits  who help to drop off the care packages.

Its been great to see their amazing masterpieces from well decorated cookies, to their own pamper session and even their crafty creations. Furthermore, they've truly taken to the spirit of Platform bubble off and have provided their own entries and gained recognition for their skills. Often posting pictures about the fun they had in the process of completing the challenges set.  

We can't wait till we're all reunited but in the mean time we hope you continue to enjoy the care packages and your adventures.


Everyone at Platform